Review of Take This Sabbath Day

Written by Toniann

  • Okay, it's killing me. The defense lawyer, Bobby, who calls Sam and says he used to beat him up in school - gosh, that actor looks familiar. He kind of looks like the guy who plays Bill Scully on The X-Files, but I don't think it's him. Wait! I got it! This guy was in "The Truman Show". Whew. I hate when that happens.

  • Josh and his sensitive system: I think my favorite moment is when Donna gave him the cold day-old coffee, he took one gulp and dribbled the whole thing down his shirt. Wow. That's hung over. And how did he get into the White House in that condition? I mean, I guess the Secret Service wouldn't stop the Deputy Chief of Staff, but still.

  • I love when Josh tells Donna that guys aren't into having strippers at bachelor parties anymore. Right.

  • And not to go on and on about Josh and Donna, but I loved when, earlier, Josh promised he'd buy her shoes to make up for making her come in on a Saturday. Did he mean that? Does he know not only how much a nice pair of shoes can cost but how long it can take to pick them out? Are we supposed to think, then, that Josh and Donna went shoe-shopping together?

  • Sam, I have one thing to say to you: you shouldn't have answered your phone.

  • And Toby, you need to turn that pager on "vibrate".

  • I really don't miss Mandy. She's so obnoxious, snapping at CJ "You're gonna need more than that!" Good Lord. Simmer down there.

  • The scene where Bartlet asks Charlie about his mother's killer remains one of my favorites in the series. At the time, it seemed important mostly to point out something about the death penalty. In retrospect, it seems more like a commentary on Charlie's character. Right or wrong, for a young man he has a great sense of personal responsibility and integrity.

  • I don't blame Father Thomas Cavanaugh; I was impressed, too, when Bartlet said "I'm going to want to talk to the Pope." I mean, that's really something, that he can get the Pope on the line, you know?

  • Too bad Josh was so cocky with Joey Lucas ("Hey, Lunatic Lady!") but then again, he really didn't have any way of knowing that the president would be wandering the halls just then.

  • I really enjoyed hearing Father Cavanaugh's story about the man who drowned in a flood and couldn't understand why God hadn't answered his prayers. I'm not an especially religious person, but even I can get beside this one.

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