Quotes from Enemies

Bartlet: This part's fun.
Josh: Which part, sir?

Josh: You're quite a nerd, Mr. President.
Bartlet: Really.
Josh: Yes, sir.
Bartlet: I assume that was said with all due respect.
Josh: Yes, sir.

Bartlet: We should organize a staff field trip to Shenandoah. I could even act as the guide. What do you think?
Josh: As good a place as any to dump your body.
Bartlet: What was that?
Josh: Did I say that out loud?

Mallory: Father, you've gone round the bend.

Bartlet: Everybody sit down, you're freaking me out.

Mildred quoting Hoynes: I know that the president would want me to point out that these meetings are a unique opportunity for us all...
Bartlet: Actually, I find these meetings a fairly mind-numbing experience, but Leo assures me that they are constitutionally required, so let's get it over with.

Sam: Mallory had an extra ticket to the opera for tonight and she asked me if I'd like to go.
Leo: Mallory who?
Sam: Mallory your daughter
Leo: Mallory my daughter...
Sam: Yes.
Leo: ..has asked you...
Sam: Yes.
Leo: ...to go to the opera using the tickets that used to belong to me and Mallory's mother...
Sam: Yes.
Leo: ...the woman who used to be my wife?
Sam: Leo, for whatever it's worth, she's made it very clear we won't be doing anything tonight you'd have a problem with.
Leo: Like what?
Sam: Why don't we stay away from that.
Leo: Best that we do.

Sam: I think it's particularly important in the next election we make sure we carry Montana and its three electoral votes.
Josh: I always knew the day would come when Sam would start selling off entire states, I was just hoping he'd start with Delaware.

Mandy: You guys are idiots, did you know that?
C.J.: In our own defense, we actually do know that.

Leo: Hey, baby.
Mallory: Don't "hey baby" me, you addle-minded Machiavellian jerk!
Margaret: Should I step out?
Leo: Sounds like it.

Bartlet: Give your dad a break, he's your father.
Mallory: Thank you, sir.
Bartlet: Are you blowing me off?
Mallory: Yes, sir.

Bartlet: Both Black and Grizzly bears inhabit Glacier Park, Charlie. And hikers are told to talk or sing along the trails to keep them at bay.
Charlie: If I see a Grizzly bear, I'm supposed to sing to it, sir?
Bartlet: It's not as silly as it sounds.
Charlie: Well, it sounds pretty silly.
Bartlet: I suppose.

Josh: You're going to establish Big Sky National Park.
Bartlet: Hah ha!
Josh: Yeah.
Bartlet: I can do this?
Josh: Yeah.
Bartlet: You understand it's a bunch of rocks, right?
Josh: I'm sure someone with your encyclopedic knowledge of the ridiculous and dork-like will be able to find a tree or a ferret that the public has a right to visit.

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