Quotes from Take This Sabbath Day

Josh: I can hold my liquor.
Donna: No, you can't.
Josh: I can't drink with the best of them, Donna.
Donna: You can't drink with any of them, Josh.

Josh: There aren't going to be strippers there. Men don't like that anymore.
Donna: Men don't like naked women anymore?
Josh: No, we still like naked women a lot. It's looking at them in a room full of your best friends that makes you feel a little...
Donna: Sleazy?
Josh: Uncomfortable.

Leo: Why isn't he being executed at midnight tonight?
Sam: We don't execute people between sundown Friday and sundown Sunday.
Leo: Why?
Sam: Hard as it is to believe...
Leo: You're kidding me.
Sam: No.
Leo: We don't execute people on the Sabbath.
Sam: No.
Leo: Well, that's about the most bizarre thing I've ever heard.
Sam: Leo, I think you're gonna find as you go through this weekend that there is virtually no part of this discussion that isn't bizarre.

Mandy: Josh, you sleep in a dumpster last night?
Josh: Possibly.

Bartlet: What happened to the guy who shot your mother?
Charlie: They haven't found him yet, sir.
Bartlet: If they did, would you want to see him executed? Killing a police officer is a capital crime, I figure you must have thought about it.
Charlie: Yes, sir.
Bartlet: And?
Charlie: I wouldn't want to see him executed, Mr. President... I'd want to do it myself.

Toby: You want me to go into the Oval Office and say vengeance is not Jewish?
Rabbi Glassman: Why not?
Toby: Well, for one thing, neither is the President.

Sam: Leo, there are times when we are absolutely nowhere.

Father Cavanaugh: Did you pray?
Bartlet: I did, Tom. I know it's hard to believe, but I prayed for wisdom.
Father Cavanaugh: And none came?
Bartlet: It never has... and I'm a little pissed off about that.

Bartlet: Bless me, father, for I have sinned...

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